Reproduce “Kura” at the site of the Takadaya head office.

Kura is the Japanese word meaning warehouse. However, in the local dialect “jyong-gura“ is often used. In addition,the “jyou“ means a key. Therefore, a “jyoug-gura“ is a warehouse where valuable and important things are placed for safe keeping.
The meaning has been extended to include a place where important persons, such as our guests, are well looked after.


Our B&B opend in January,2003. On this site,the head office of Takadaya Kahei enterprises in Hakodate was located. The original structure had to be demolished, but great effort was made to save the orignal post and beames and the massive “daikokubashira“(main support post). The original wood has been incorporated into the new structure, in addition to being fashioned into the main dining table, and other wood accents throughout. In addition, there is a historic well on the property that was installed experts from Osaka brought to old Hakodate by Takadaya to build a series of wells for the town. This well is the only one that survives today. This well,200 years later still holds sparkling clean and refreshing water, which likely originates on nearby Mt.Hakodate